With my year’s industrial placement at Thomas Westcott complete, it is now time to look back on the experience see what I have gained from it.

It was beneficial to start my placement in the firm’s Crediton office as there was plenty of work available and it allowed me to be inducted in a one-to-one situation. I also got the opportunity to talk to clients and carry out administrative tasks like answering the phone and ensuring data had been backed up. I only carried out accounts preparation jobs in Crediton but I was able to work with a variety of clients in many different industries. The only downside was the lack of social opportunities available; on some occasions I was the only person working there.

I quickly realised that I would begin to enjoy my job more in the Exeter office as there were more people around and a wider variety of work on offer. Despite some quieter periods towards the start of my time there, I was soon given a high level of responsibility and was able to complete tax returns as well as carry out audits. This has given me a huge range of skills in the accountancy profession that I may not have received had I been in a larger company. Another highlight of my placement has been getting involved with networking through attending professional events and representing the Thomas Westcott football team.

I am now looking forward to returning to Exeter to complete my University degree. I will soon start applying for graduate positions in the knowledge that I have improved my skills and CV greatly over the past year. Keep following my blog for updates on how I am getting on and tips on how to use an industrial placement to your advantage in the job market.