Hello again!

My year at university so far has been an extremely busy but exciting one. After securing my placement in November, I have been focusing on the rather large workload and the past few weeks have been full of coursework and group meetings. I’m also involved in presenting at offer holder open days which I’m hoping will prepare me for the presentations that I’m likely to give in my work life and on my placement. Second year definitely feels like a big step up.

My weekends have also been busy this term and have been much needed to recover from the workload! I am a member of Canoe Club and Out of Doors Society so my weekends are usually filled with trips. In the past couple of weeks I’ve been to the Cotswolds with OODS and down the River Dart with Canoe Club which is such a lovely way to relax after a hectic week at university!

Reflecting on my placement application, my main advice would be to use Career Zone as much as possible as they’ve been extremely helpful, and use as many of the resources that the university provides as you can too. I started my applications early and wrote a list of all the places I could potentially apply to. When applications opened, I knew which ones I wanted to apply to and when the deadlines were.

After undertaking placement applications and researching many career possibilities, I often look ahead to where I see myself in the future. I hope to secure a position in an Accountancy firm and take professional qualifications to become a Chartered Accountant. I’m hoping that my placement will give me an insight into different areas of accountancy and help me decide what path to take and whether tax or audit interests me more. I am currently studying a Taxation module which I find incredibly interesting but challenging due to the sheer number of rules that have to be known. I would very much like to work in a tax department and see how this module works in reality. However, I do not take an Audit module until 4th year and so I would also be interested in getting an insight into Audit to see if I can see myself working in Audit too.

But now to concentrate on getting through the coursework and exams ahead!