I feel like an industrial placement is such a good opportunity to gain experience whilst at university. I haven’t had many opportunities to have work experience that’s relevant to what I actually want to do when I graduate, so a placement is the ideal opportunity for this.

I found it difficult to decide which sector I wanted to work in, because as I said before I haven’t really had any experience. I decided I wanted to do a marketing placement, as it is what most interests me and I want to have the chance to experience it not just in an educational environment, but also in a professional environment before I graduate and decide I want to do it as a career!

I started off my placement search by looking at job websites such as Rate My Placement,

the career zone website is also really helpful. Even just typing ‘Marketing industrial placements 2015’ into google brings up loads of results that you may not find anywhere else. From this I have started making a list of positions I want to apply to, and noted down all the deadlines and how their application process works. This way I can prioritise by which has the shortest deadline and the longest application process etc. However, you have to remember that deadlines are only a guideline, if a company fills their positions earlier than expected they can just close their applications, so ideally apply sooner rather than later.

So far I have applied for a marketing placement at Telefonica (O2). I have managed to get through the application, testing and video interview stage, and I am waiting to hear back as to whether I have made it through to the assessment centre. I have a lot of group work this term, so after these are over I am going to focus more of my time applying to placements.

I have two pieces of advice for people applying for placements. Firstly I would say make use of the Career Zone and everything they have to offer. Go to career sessions. I’ve been to sessions on CVs, application forms and how to make the most out of your LinkedIn profile. They offer these and so many more that will help you with all of your applications. Companies are also doing sessions through the career zone, telling you about their placements and grad schemes and giving you application advice. These are so helpful and I recommend going to at least a few. Being able to talk to employers is so useful as you can find out what they look for in an application and how to make yourself stand out, something you can’t just get off their website. Go and see the people in the Career Zone as well. They are there to help, you just need to ask for it. Secondly, don’t panic about applying. It’s so easy to get caught up in the placement search and let your other work suffer as a result. You need to find the right balance between spending time applying, doing uni work and having a social life as well!!! I know I found it hard the first couple of weeks of term, but I think I’ve found the right balance now.

I hope this advice is helpful and I wish you all luck in your search!