Having worked at Wise and Co. Accountants for three and a half months, I have now fully settled in to working life. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone but also how much I have already achieved in those few months.

The past few weeks have been extremely busy as there is a push to get March year end accounts completed for companies as the deadline to get them filed is the end of December and accountancy firms close down for a period over Christmas. However, this has meant I have been given many sets of limited company accounts to complete, many bringing up new problems or areas that I have not dealt with before, therefore making the experience really valuable and consequently developing my skills and knowledge as an accountant.

Although working is a complete contrast to Uni life, it is also a good change. There is nothing better than coming home and being able to switch off from work in the evenings and at weekends. I am thoroughly enjoying working life and have found a great social/work life balance too. I joined a canoe club in Hampshire to develop my kayaking skills for when I am back at university with EUCC and am currently learning how to play canoe polo which has been so much fun. There is also an active social scene at work and we have a weekly pub trip on a Friday, various days for charity (Christmas jumper day being a highlight) and an amazing Christmas party too. There are a number of people at various different stages of qualification at the firm which has been very useful in terms of information gathering for when I sit the professional exams to become a qualified accountant.

I would definitely encourage anyone thinking about pursuing a career in accountancy to think about applying for small to medium sized firms. I could not have asked for better experience, training or a friendlier group of people.

Best of luck to all those applying for placements and also for all with exams in January.

Hope you all have a great Christmas!