I am now well over half way into my placement; which has flown by! I am currently heavily involved in the recruitment of the new interns, by filtering through CVs and attending the assessment centres. This has really brought it home how long it has been since I was sat in the position of the current candidates, and how far I have come since then.

As a bit of an insight into the kind of things I have been involved with, I was involved with a new project which was organising UK-wide training workshops for all over our dealer network, alongside Motability. Motability are a huge government run organisation who organise car leasing schemes for those who received the Disability Living Allowance. There is huge potential in this segment, which our dealers were not fully utilising and so we wanted to create some sessions to re-inspire and inform them to maximise this potential. In total this took about 3 months from initial planning to execution. This was largely organised by my manager and I, so I was given a huge amount of responsibility. I got involved with the basics such as ordering and putting together the lanyards, right up to helping to formulate the structure of the data and putting together key data for the delegates. This was something which at times put me well outside my comfort zone (for one, I had to drive a Van down to Kent on my own – for reference, I normally drive a MINI) but I learnt so much and feel so much for confident off the back of it that I am truly grateful for the experience. My manager nominated me for a company recognised core values award for my work on this.

Another key thing which I have worked on is the moulding of the role of the intern in the sales department. When I arrived, the role was very ‘samey’ and report-heavy. I quickly realised that these reports were a bit outdated. I have since got rid of some of these reports and fine-tuned the others to make sure that they are useful for the reader and to free up my time to get involved in the team and things which I am interested in.

I have really enjoyed my time here so far, and I am sure that I will continue to do so until I handover to the next sales intern. As much as I do enjoy University; I must say I do prefer the working environment. First of all, I am contributing to work which is real and has an actual impact on the business and in terms of personal time, after work and at the weekends you can switch off and enjoy the time; rather than feeling guilty for not revising!

If you are thinking of doing a placement but you aren’t sure; do it! It’s a great character building experience, and from the graduate recruitment which I have been involved with, those with placement experience have really stood out to the assessors. If you have chosen to and still havent been successful, please don’t be put off, keep on applying and if you’ve been rejected from an assessment centre ask for feedback (We rejected a lot of great candidates, just because they weren’t quite right for Hyundai or for the specific roles, not because they weren’t great!) – I know people who got placements right up until August time.

Good luck with whatever you’re doing at the moment J