By staying in Exeter for as long as possible post-exams and then running off on holiday before coming home, I almost convinced myself that my second year was not over, and I wouldn’t have to leave my housemates and eye-wateringly expensive student house. Two weeks in the Balearic Islands has been an ideal way to finish my second year and recharge before starting at Accenture in September.

I also came home to the news that I have received a Dean’s Commendation for my academic achievements this year, making all the exam stress and hard work worth it.

Many of my friends have already started their placements and I am feeling a little envious of the multiple instagram posts of drinks at the top of The Shard and socialising in London with new friends. I have not spoken to anyone who is not enjoying the work they are doing and equally importantly, no one who has not clicked well with their team and other placement students. Deciding a career path is hugely difficult for undergrads because, often, we have little or no experience in the different fields of work. A placement year is an ideal insight into a potential future job and work environment; I hope it will help me determine which jobs I want to apply for as a graduate as well as those I don’t want to apply for.  In the least, I will be able to reinforce my skills and hopefully do some networking on the way.

Before all of this starts I have a few trips planned over the summer to catch up with friends. Of course I am still thinking about my placement and the topic in my mind is whether to live at home and commute, or to move closer to the city. I have always been fairly set on commuting the 1hr 30 mins door-to-door journey, but the appeal of living in central London – and not having to worry about catching the last train home or waking up early enough for the 7.15am train – is increasingly tempting. The biggest concern is naturally the cost – I’m not sure about spending at least half my salary on a flat/ room and can comfortably afford everything else with the other half. I think I’m edging back towards living at home – commuting won’t be so bad, right?!