For the last month I have been working in Los Angeles, at Sony Picture’s home office! It has been a great experience, and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to do so. The trip involved lots of workshops and meetings with business leaders to understand more about their line of business –specifically their revenue streams, and how we can support their operational processes. It was fascinating to be able to learn more about the different lines of businesses Sony Pictures has, and the constantly evolving business model to adapt to the strategic issues facing the industry.

I have learnt so much in the last month about business and business culture, I am sure this experience will prove invaluable for my future career. This is one of the reasons why I really recommend a year in industry to those who are unsure, because although you can learn a lot about business in classes, actually being in business takes everything to the next level.

As well as the workshops, I also managed to take a tour of the production studios, where I managed to see Seth Rogan! It was also great to be able to see how the corporate area of the business supports the creative aspects. And at the weekends I managed to go to lots of the tourist spots such as the Hollywood strip, Venice Beach, Santa Monica and the Griffith Observatory. Unfortunately, I have now returned to London, but luckily after the floods!

I feel like I have probably said this before, but for those still searching for places, network, network, network! With many companies closing their formal schemes, now is the best time to start developing contacts and leveraging a summer internship or placement through other methods. My industrial placement was secured through a contact that I knew, but even if you do not know someone at a firm, email or call up places. I would personally recommend calling, and although it might seem a little daunting, I found it much better than just waiting around hoping for an email response.

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