Since my last blog I have completed more applications, although I’m still waiting for most to get back to me. With the companies I’m applying to, many don’t make decisions about who to invite to assessment centres until February. This is difficult, as I know people applying for placements in different sectors who have started getting offers, whilst I haven’t even heard back from most of my applications.

I have had a couple of rejections. I was rejected from Sony after the initial application and Jaguar Land Rover after failing the online tests. I also didn’t get through to Johnson and Johnson after their initial interview stage. My first rejection I took it quite personally, but I have realised since then that I cant take these things to heart, it’s a chance to move on from that company and onto another.

On the other hand I have been asked to complete some of the next steps for a few companies. I had telephone interviews for both Pernod Ricard and L’Oreal and managed to get through to assessment centres for both. Unfortunately, because of very limited notice I could not attend the L’Oreal assessment centre they put on this month, and as they fill their places on a rolling basis there is a possibility I will not have the chance to attend another, which is a shame. But I am hoping that they haven’t, and I will be able to attend an assessment centre in the New Year.

Last week I had the initial assessment centre for Pernod Ricard in Birmingham for a communications role. This involved two group tasks and a competency based interview. Hopefully I will get some feedback in a couple of days, and then they will let me know if I have been shortlisted for the final assessment centre which will, again, be in February.

I still have quite a few more placements that I am intending on applying too, but I’ve been so busy with uni work and coursework over the past few weeks, applications have taken a bit of a back seat. My goal is to get them all done and sent off before Christmas, so I can start thinking about it again in the New Year.

This term has been a challenging one, trying to juggle all aspects of student life as well as applying to placements. I’m hoping next term will be a bit more relaxed, with all my applications hopefully sent off, I will just have to sit back and leave it up to the companies to decide whether they want to take my application further.

Hopefully I will have some more exciting news in my next post, but for now I’m just going to relax and enjoy my Christmas!


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