Over the last few weeks I have been in Los Angeles, as a follow up to the previous meetings and workshops. It has been a very challenging few weeks, with lots of workshops being crammed into such a short space of time. Because of this, all the workshops seem to have merged into one!!!

What I have found extremely interesting is learning about how the ‘new media’ companies, such as Netflix, have completely changed the movie and TV industry. From this, it is fascinating to see how the ‘old’ studios have had to adapt to the changing environment.

Although it has been a very challenging few weeks, I had a great weekend free from work in Vegas!

Something that has stuck with me over my placement experience is the 70/20/10 rule. This rule suggests that of the things you learn, you learn 70% of the things whilst actually performing the job, with the rest of the % learnt from other people and in the classroom. For this reason, I would really recommend undertaking a placement, as you will learn more about business in this type of environment and actually being in business, than in the classroom.

Good luck to everyone in their exams, and if you have not secured a placement or internship, don’t give up as there are still plenty of opportunities out there!!


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