Hello, I just wanted to write a final blog to give you an overview of how I found the whole process of an industrial placement. I’m now back in Exeter and it does feel strange as most of my class have now graduated, but there are a surprising amount of people still here that have come back for masters or did a year abroad. I do not regret choosing to do a placement for a second! The best part about doing a placement is that it gives you the chance to try out a job with no commitment or pressure to work for them again once you graduate. If, like me you don’t have a set career path in mind, my advice would be to try out an industry that you possibly hadn’t even considered before as it’s a great chance to see what it’s like and you might find you really like it. I hadn’t considered a job in travel and tourism before my placement because as an Economics student you assume you will end up in a bank or accountancy firm etc. and that did seem to be where quite a lot of the other placement students ended up. The further along the application process I got though, the more I realised how much I actually wanted the job. I had an absolutely amazing year – I met lots of great people and experienced so many things that I wouldn’t have had the chance to if I hadn’t have done a placement year. The best thing that I think I will take away from the scheme is confidence in applying for new jobs. Not only have I had the experience of going through application processes, I also have a year’s work experience in a recognised company to talk about on my CV and in interviews which has made me feel so much more qualified for a graduate job than if I could only talk about my previous part time jobs. I would personally highly recommend the TUI placement scheme to anyone, but also believe a placement year at any company is completely invaluable as I have watched many of my friends without one struggle to get a graduate job. If you perform well and are lucky enough, you may get offered a job by your placement company. TUI have said that they would take me back and I am definitely going to apply to their graduate scheme as I really have found an industry that I love. One other perk of the ‘with Industrial Experience’ route is that it counts towards your degree which has helped to take a little pressure off in final year, which can never be a bad thing!


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