Hi everyone, and welcome to my final year blog – this year I’ll be giving a bit of an insight into final year life (mine anyway!).

I spent my placement year at Hyundai Motor UK, in the sales department – based in High Wycombe. I enjoyed my placement immensely and honestly couldn’t recommend it more to any first/second years who are thinking about joining those searching for a placement.

As a result of the above, I have to admit, I wasn’t really looking forward to coming back to Uni for final year… but since being back, I am so glad to be back! It has been great to be back with friends and I have found that, as a group, we have all been really keen to get more involved with societies and events to really ‘go out with a bang’.

It is commonly spoken about with regard to placement students that they find final year much easier as a result of having done this. It is by no means a miracle, but I have to say, having had the 9 till 5:30 structure for a year has made my work ethic at Uni so much better than in second year. Also, having worked in a job that I loved so much, I am more determined to work hard to better my chances at getting a career somewhere that I enjoy.

Final year is definitely more challenging than I remember second year to be, but I suppose that was only to be expected. This term I am studying Strategic Management, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, International Business History, Corporate Law and I’m writing my Dissertation… so as deadline time is kicking off I’m getting increasingly more stressed and increasingly less sleep, but honestly having no less fun!

I am happy for anyone to get in touch via my e-mail if you have any questions… Good luck to all with deadlines/applications!