The past few months have been very busy with exams and deadlines and this new term brings a higher level of work again. Final term is quite a scary thought and so the need has never been so great to get my head down. It is sad entering the final term of university and also scary the prospect of graduation not being far off but there are also many exciting things happening this term to make the most of.

This term definitely appears to be as challenging as you would expect final year to be. I am studying the modules; Auditing, Advanced Financial reporting, Advanced Corporate Finance and Human Resource Management so it is quite a mix of subjects.

Luckily, securing my job at the firm I worked at for my placement has taken the added stress of job hunting away and I am looking forward to going back in September to start my career.

I am actively involved in Canoe Polo at uni and so we have many a tournament upcoming which I am looking forward to. I am also hoping to do some more white water kayaking this term before the Alps trip in the summer!