Coming back to university after working for a year is a very surreal experience.  The sheer contrast in lifestyle and mind set is evident so the switch back to student life and life in Exeter took some adjusting to. I have finally settled back into it, I am absolutely loving being back in Exeter and have decided to make the most of this last year.

Final year has already shown its difficulties. This term has been very intense with midterms and essay deadlines and so I am missing having evening and weekends free from work! However, I am trying to balance the work with some social. It is good to be back and involved with Canoe Club and also playing Canoe Polo on Wednesday afternoons and the occasional white water trips on the weekends too. It is great to have such good access to the rivers and the surroundings and it has made me realise how much I missed the South West!

It is reassuring to come back to university with a job secured following my placement but I now need to get the right degree classification this year to return to Wise and Co, it will be a lot of hard work in the next few months and hopefully I can achieve this and go back. The drive and work ethic that was so clear in a work environment has hopefully come back with me this year and I am more determined and driven now I can see the goal at the end.

I’m looking forward to the rest of this year and just hoping that it doesn’t fly by as quickly as everyone says it does.

Hope everyone on placement is enjoying their industrial experience and best of luck to those looking for a placement!