Hi Everyone, and Happy New Year! I trust you all made the most of the break from lectures over Christmas and are enjoying the first few weeks of lectures.

Since my last post, work on placement at Accenture as really upped its game; we are working towards hugely tight deadlines with very little respite in between. I haven’t been able to keep up with a TV series since I started in September – it seems a world away from the uni days where we could get through a box set per week without breaking a sweat.

We recently submitted our first assignment required as part of the WIE course in the form of an essay to critically assess our learning. Though finding time to read academic journals and write the essay was half the struggle, ultimately it was a useful exercise as it forced me to look at my professional and personal development to date at Accenture. I also looked at the learning styles I have used – experiential learning was the most applicable for me, and I explored whether I have the mind-set of an Activist, a Theorist, a Pragmatist or a Reflector. Analysis of my pre-placement mind-set vs now revealed my overruling view that as an Industrial Placement student (IP) I would not have ‘real’ work – i.e. I would not have a defined role and would be given very little responsibility. I have been proven wrong on all counts: we have well-defined roles with set skill requirements and deliverables identical to that of a newly hired graduate. The level of responsibility I have been given has been fantastic – above this we are also encouraged to ask for more responsibility and new challenges as and when it is necessary. If you are struggling to think of solid situations to describe in graduate job interviews, a placement will provide you with a bank of them.

As a last note, my motivation levels are refreshed this week following being appointed ‘hero of the week’ for my contribution to the wider team and project. The foundations of my role focus on client relations, and my efforts to build robust, positive relationships with the client has helped us out of a few sticky situations recently. I have noticed that professional success is largely built on gaining and maintaining positive relationships with your colleagues and professional stakeholders. Cliché as it sounds; I see this idea continually reaffirmed at work.

I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week.