Exam season is finally over and so is my second year at Exeter. I have just over a month off and then my placement begins!

A lot more preparation goes into the placement than I first realised. With my interview being over 6 Months ago I didn’t need to think of housing or travel, so I have been very busy sorting all this out. Thankfully the London rental market is completely different to how it is in Exeter. There is no need to have a house signed for in November: it’s absolutely possible to do it a week in advance.

I’ll be living in Ealing leaving me with a straight forward commute on the central line into St Paul’s. In preparation I have been keeping up to date with all things finance yet there is no need to get worked up over what you are expected to know. It will all be covered in your training once you start, so now is just a great time to relax and recuperate ready for a significant change from the Uni lifestyle.

For many WIE students, their placements will be starting within the next month, however, there are still hundreds of opportunities for those who either are struggling to get one or who have only just started looking. Same as before, keep a look out on the Career Zone website as many are still available. The big banks and accountancy firms still have some open, and there is nothing to lose in sending local firms an email as to whether they have any opportunities.

Finally, best of luck to everyone who is about to start, and to those who are still searching!


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