Having not written a blog post in what seems like an age, now seems like as good as time as any to fill you in on my last few months!

After receiving some pleasing exam results, it has taken a bit of pressure off my summer exams. For any 1st or second years, I would fully recommend putting in the effort in winter exams as it can provide you with that extra boost of confidence and motivation for the rest of the year. At this moment in time, I am really focussing on my dissertation, which although has taken me a long time to really get into it, has finally started to come together. The key thing I would suggest for those who want to do a dissertation is to pick a topic you really enjoy and are interested in, and try and break it down into small chunks as otherwise the process can be very daunting. In fact, I think that is a useful skill in breaking down problems, which I will hopefully be able to use in my graduate job next year as a management consultant.

Over the last few weeks it has really started to hit me that I am leaving Exeter, which does sadden me because I have enjoyed my time here so much. However, I know that through all my hard work both academically and securing multiple internships I have put myself in a great position to build on what I have learnt and developed in Exeter. After graduating in July I am off with my best friend to travel around Vietnam and Cambodia for a month, and upon my return will start my job in London in September.

For all those who have still not secured a placement or internship, keep persevering as there are still many opportunities still open. I did not secure my placement until April time. Also, make sure you are using your contacts to network and also think about applying speculatively to places.

For the rest of my term I will try and get as involved in as many societies as possible while I still can, as well as balance my time with my dissertation. I have recently been part of Exeter Dog Walking Society where we walk dogs for people who no longer can walk their dogs, and it has been a great way to relax and get away from university work!

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