The most exciting thing about work is definitely the travelling. Since I started my team have flown out to Singapore, Japan, Russia, India and Czech Republic as well as many Edinburgh trips. Granted I have only made it to Edinburgh a couple of times, but the potential is there…

With my first two months at Accenture complete, I am definitely settled into working life. The seven-month project I am currently working on falls within Accenture’s Financial Services sector and the client is a large global bank. My current role is highly client facing and is based on client interaction – building and maintaining relationships is key. Aside from this, the role is also a fairly technical one and I have needed to pick up a vast amount of new information and terminology. I hope that my next role will offer me new responsibilities, on a project with different goals in order to give me the most exposure to what Consultancy has to offer. One of my initial reasons for choosing a placement with Accenture was the sheer variety offered by the firm – if you don’t enjoy a role simply move on to something else.

Before I joined Accenture, my largest concern was not being taken seriously or not doing ‘real’ work due to my age and not having completed a degree. I have, however, been proven completely wrong: no admin chores or work cast off by my senior colleagues has been passed my way. I have a role equivalent to that of a newly hired graduate and am treated no different to them. From the experience of my friends as placement students elsewhere, I am inclined to say this is extended across most firms and so my initial concerns were redundant.

Below are 3 fairly valuable things I have learnt thus far:

1. Accenture relies on acronyms – so much so that we have an Accenture version of Wikipedia dedicated to them.

2. Attend as many work social events as possible. My favourites have been an Oktoberfest themed night with glasses of beer bigger than my head, a huge event at a castle in Edinburgh, and tomorrow I’m attending a work party at Circus, complete with circus acts performing throughout the night.

3. Take all the responsibility you are offered, and ask for more on top. My greatest achievements at work have come around from my asking to be challenged further. I tend to take on responsibility even if I initially feel it is out of my depth, as I know my colleagues will support and assist me through any difficulties. I find this the most effective and fastest way to broaden my skills/experience. On the flipside it also quickly identifies my weaker areas so I can address these.


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