CESifo Venice Summer Institute 2019

Conference dates

03 Jun 2019 – 08 Jun 2019


Venice, Italy

CESifo Venice Summer Institute 2019

The annual CESifo Venice Summer Institute, focuses on themes of current interest in European economic policy. The Institute brings together international economists working on economic policy topics for workshops, panel meetings and discussion. The conference venue is Venice International University on San Servolo, a tiny island across the water from San Marco in the bay of Venice.

CESifo’s twentieth Venice Summer Institute will be held from 3 – 8 June 2019, with five workshops. The call for papers is now open. Please note that we have an online submission procedure and that online submissions only will be accepted for consideration. In order to submit your paper on line, please go to (<http://www.cesifo.org/venice>) and click on the “Submit a Paper” link associated to the workshop in question. Should you have any (technical) difficulties with the online submission procedure, please contact office@cesifo.de for assistance. The deadline for the submission of papers is 1 December 2018 at midnight CET. Authors of papers that are accepted for presentation at a workshop will be notified by mid December 2018.


The following workshops are scheduled:

Economics of the Gig Economy (http://www.ifo.de/w/3kE92K5JT)
Date: 3 – 4 June
Organisers: Oliver Falck and Justus Haucap
Keynote Speaker: Christopher Stanton (Harvard Business School)

Taxation in the Digital Economy: Theory and Evidence (http://www.ifo.de/w/3DDw3LaPn)
Date: 3 – 4 June
Organisers: David R. Agrawal and Marko Köthenbürger
Keynote Speakers: Jean-Charles Rochet (University of Zurich), and Joel Waldfogel (University of Minnesota)

Poverty, Inequality and their Associations with Disasters and Climate Change (http://www.ifo.de/w/3DpFxTj7u)
Date: 5 – 6 June
Organisers: Ilan Noy and Jasmin Gröschl
Keynote Speakers: Stefan Dercon (University of Oxford), and Seema Jayachandran (Northwestern University)

The Future of Europe: Structural Reforms, Growth and Globalisation (http://www.ifo.de/w/3QyZbg6ry)
Date: 5 – 6 June
Organisers: Nauro F. Campos, Balázs Égert and Jan-Egbert Sturm
Keynote Speakers: Philippe Aghion (College de France), Ufuk Akcigit (University of Chicago), Romain Duval (IMF Research Department), and Paul de Grauwe (London School of Economics)

Gender in the Developed and Developing World (http://www.ifo.de/w/3Qj7TTzHb)
Date: 7 – 8 June
Organisers: Seema Jayachandran and Basit Zafar
Keynote Speakers: Francine Blau, Cornell University, and Chrstiopher Udry, Northwestern University