France, Chambéry – Ed Argyle – 2007-2008

Choosing courses is one of the most disorientating things about the ERASMUS year at Chambery. We’re so used to things being plain easy, and things just happening. The best advice I can give you is forget all that and don’t worry when things don’t seem to be working!! Sounds crazy I know. I’ll do what I can to make it a little more clear though. You will be assigned to a school (same as in Exeter). It’ll probably be IMUS (Institut de Management Université de Savoie) but this doesnt really mean anything, its just for admin, which the French love. You can then sign up to ANY courses in ANY school. The ones I can remember are:

IMUS (as above) lots of marketing, and business theory/management courses.

AVOID finance or accountancy unless you’re French is ace and you love numbers. They have a different accounting system to us!

LLSH (languages/social sciency stuff) get yourself of the “Theme” courses, these are translation from Eng – Fre, or Fre – Eng. The latter being easiest. You’ll be pretty popular as an English speaker and obviously they’re quite useful. The “Civilisation” courses are good too, the teachers are pretty cool and they teach in English, also these are worth 5 credits, which you’ll find to be an absolute gold mine.

LEA (Langues etrangere appliqués). LEA was quite good its for language students, but has a couple of business modules, which are simplified for them. The economics courses are easy, the international management courses such as “Marches mondiaux, stratagie, achats internationaux” and there was an international business law module I did, which was quite good. Read through the course descriptions Anne will be giving you, they help quite a lot.

DRI does courses for Erasmus students, there aren’t that many but a few you’ll find to be useful

The courses themselves are more like A levels. Getting slides is virtually impossible. You just have to go and copy everything you see, learn it and regurgitate it for the exam!! Its not easy but your written French will improve and the teachers are mostly pretty friendly with the foreign students. Whack ERASMUS on the front of all exams and highlight it! It’s all quite daunting but well worth it. You’ll miss being the odd one out when you come back.

In terms of what to take…. anything you can but its probably best to avoid paying excess baggage and buying stuff out there. You wont have a duvet or pillow or anything, but we all just ended up buying stuff, its kind of what the grant is for i suppose.

Do you know what accommodation you’re living in? There are plenty of surprises depending on where you end up!

Your ERASMUS year will be the best year of Uni. Its totally different, but so so good! Chambery’s not bad either. If you ski join the uni ski club, about 15€. You then get bussed to major resorts and pay very cheap ski lift prices.

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