Austria, Graz – Chris North – 2006-2007

Before my Erasmus year abroad, I would have classified myself as a student with the stereotypical view that England was the heart of Europe and that the further into Eastern Europe one travelled, the less developed the countries would be. Now I can’t believe how misinformed I was. I arrived in Graz, Austria, with the […]

Sweden, Lund – Gustav Nelligan – 2005-2006

Travel Travelling to Lund is extremely easy. The best way to get there is to take a direct flight from London to Copenhagen ( Lund is only a 30min train ride from Copenhagen airport). Once you arrive at Copenhagen airport make your way to the train tracks and take a direct train to Lund . […]

Spain, Valencia – Alex McCabe – 2005-2006

A year ago I was where you are, wondering what to expect from my year abroad in Valencia . I left on the morning of 15 th September, wondering what to expect, what I would do when I arrived and how I would go about adjusting to life in a foreign country. Like you I […]

Germany, Reutlingen – James Goodman – 2005-2006

Travel Travel in and around Reutlingen is extremely easy, not to mention cheap. For a mere €35 you can purchase a ‘Naldo Ticket’. This ticket, which is valid for one semester, can be used to travel all around the area of Reutlingen, using both the bus and the train. A student ID card is necessary […]

Farnce, Nancy – Michael Stickland – 2005-2006

Here is my somewhat long report on life in Nancy, as you’ll probably notice I decided to be comprehensive in what I included rather than selective, I hope it answers lots of questions you may have about doing an Erasmus year. Nancy Nancy, the home of Quiche Lorraine and Bergamotes (sweets that are made from […]

France, EM Normandie – Hollie Morgan – 2005-2006

My Erasmus year in Le Havre was undoubtedly the best year and experience of my life. It was not only educational and interesting but fun and a great change from the norms of living in England . Firstly I will detail the school itself; this is the place where you will generally centre your life […]

France, Chambéry – Oliver Pereira – 2005-2006

Université de Savoie, Chambéry Université de Savoie is a medium sized university situated in Savoie and Haute Savoie in the Rhône Alpes region. There are roughly 12 000 students spread out over 3 campuses- Annecy (Haute Savoie), Bourget du Lac (aka Technolac) and Chambéry (aka Jacob- Bellecombette Skiing / Snowboarding In my highly biased view […]

Belgium, Brussels – Jonathan McHugh – 2005-2006

“Erasmus in Retrospect – an Academic and Cultural Experience” Studying on the Masters in International Business course at Vlekho, Brussels as part of my Erasmus year abroad was highly important to my development both academically, culturally and as a person in general. Through facing new challenges in a foreign country and overcoming them through the […]

Austria, Graz – Richard Meachin – 2005-2006

Getting to know the city and getting around When you first arrive in Graz the most important thing to do is get to know your way around the city. Maps are widely available from hotels, tabaks etc. The city itself is split down the centre by the river Mur. Near the river you will find […]