Sweden, Lund – Andrew Toy – 2007-2008

Getting There Getting to Lund is neither problematic nor expensive with today’s extensive budget airline operators. I normally flew with Easyjet from London Stansted to Copenhagen (wait for it…), although I did once fly with Ryanair from London Stansted to Malmo. This operation was suspended whilst I was there, although rumours have been flying around […]

Spain, Valencia – Abigail Johnson – 2007-2008

My year abroad in Valencia has been without a doubt the best of my life. If you’re reading this because you’re considering taking a year abroad then hopefully I can persuade you to go for it! If you’re reading this because you are headed for Valencia during your third year, I cannot begin to tell […]

Spain, Cantabria – Yvonne Leith – 2007-2008

Travelling There are a couple of options to choose from when travelling to Santander.  Ryanair flies from London Stansted to Santander which is normally quite cheap.  The airport is about 15 minutes away from the city centre but there is a bus every half hour.  There is also a ferry from Plymouth to Santander which […]

Poland, Poznan – Olivia Bridger – 2007-2008

General Life in Poznan Poznan is the 5th largest city in Poland located in the West approximately 3 hours from Berlin. There are a number of universities in the city with most having ERASMUS students. At the Poznan University of Economics there are approximately 40 international students (most of which could not speak Polish) in […]

Italy, LUISS (Rome) – Anthony Lambrou – 2007-2008

Arriving in Rome for a year can seem daunting: the language; the heat; the mopeds… But it really doesn’t take long to get into the slow paced way of life (domani, domani, sempre domani!) and understand that there really is no point in going out until 11pm! The University I started my time at LUISS […]

Germany, Sara Palmer – Reutlingen – 2007-2008

BA Business Economics with European Study General Life in Reutlingen Reutlingen is a very sweet little town in the South of Germany, near the city of Stuttgart. It is in a beautiful part of Germany, sitting in a valley of the Swabian Alb, near the Black Forrest. It is a small town, so very easy […]

Germany, Reutlingen – Ada Anteyi – 2007-2008

The Pre-Semester Course The three week course consists of three sessions a day of language tuition, excursions and assistance, in order to fill in the appropriate forms. It only costs €200 and also offers a very valuable and relatively easy 7.5 credits. It is more than just a language course and I can not stress […]

France, Chambéry – Ed Argyle – 2007-2008

Choosing courses is one of the most disorientating things about the ERASMUS year at Chambery. We’re so used to things being plain easy, and things just happening. The best advice I can give you is forget all that and don’t worry when things don’t seem to be working!! Sounds crazy I know. I’ll do what […]

France, Chambéry – Harry Evans – 2007-2008

Located at the base of the Alps, Chambery is a gateway to a wealth of alpine activities. The university is quite small but very friendly and welcoming to foreign students. I spent the entire year there and would recommend it to anyone, even if you can’t ski! Getting There By Air Lyon airport is a […]