France, EM Normandie – Angela Brown – 2008-2009

Ecole de Management de Normandie (EMN) Caen is a city located in lower Normandy, roughly about the same size as Exeter. It is a picturesque city with lots of surrounding historic sites, mainly those linked to the Second World War. It is a private business school rather than a University, there is a larger University […]

France, Chambéry – Jeannine Maghoo – 2008-2009

The Town Chambery is small, quaint, and quite safe. Most supermarkets, restaurants and bars were all within 10-15 minutes walking distance from where I was living (ARPEJ). I preferred this smaller town, as you are more likely to bump into other ERASMUS and friends from University in the street, or in the supermarket. Also, as […]

France, Chambéry – James Craigen – 2008-2009

Economics w/ European Study Chambéry – Université de Savoie I have just returned from my fantastic year abroad studying in Chambéry, it has been one of the best years of my life and I wish I could go back and re-live the whole experience again. I don’t think that I’ll ever forget the memories that […]

France, Chambéry – Ed Argyle – 2007-2008

Choosing courses is one of the most disorientating things about the ERASMUS year at Chambery. We’re so used to things being plain easy, and things just happening. The best advice I can give you is forget all that and don’t worry when things don’t seem to be working!! Sounds crazy I know. I’ll do what […]

France, Chambéry – Harry Evans – 2007-2008

Located at the base of the Alps, Chambery is a gateway to a wealth of alpine activities. The university is quite small but very friendly and welcoming to foreign students. I spent the entire year there and would recommend it to anyone, even if you can’t ski! Getting There By Air Lyon airport is a […]

France, Grenoble – Emma Hanes – 2006-2007

Why do an Erasmus year? I can’t think of any reasons why not to do an Erasmus year! The EU give you a big fat grant to live abroad for a year and you have the time and the freedom to make whatever you want of it. Don’t read other people’s accounts of Erasmus and […]

France, Gernoble – Christina Ablewhite & Sophie Holcombe – 2006-2007

Living in campus accommodation… Communication Make sure that you send an email to your Exeter coordinator (Anne) soon after arrival with details of your address and telephone number for the year. This is important for when Exeter sends you documents relating to your studies and grant etc. Journey to Grenoble We flew from London Stanstead […]

France, Chambéry – Miranda Mitchell – 2006-2007

I have written this report hoping to give you a good insight in to my fantastic year abroad and at the same time being incredibly jealous that you are about to embark on what I have just left behind!! I hope it helps. Dreaded Documents The French obsession for paperwork – it’s actually not that […]

Farnce, Nancy – Michael Stickland – 2005-2006

Here is my somewhat long report on life in Nancy, as you’ll probably notice I decided to be comprehensive in what I included rather than selective, I hope it answers lots of questions you may have about doing an Erasmus year. Nancy Nancy, the home of Quiche Lorraine and Bergamotes (sweets that are made from […]

France, EM Normandie – Hollie Morgan – 2005-2006

My Erasmus year in Le Havre was undoubtedly the best year and experience of my life. It was not only educational and interesting but fun and a great change from the norms of living in England . Firstly I will detail the school itself; this is the place where you will generally centre your life […]