Sweden, Lund – Andrew Toy – 2007-2008

Getting There Getting to Lund is neither problematic nor expensive with today’s extensive budget airline operators. I normally flew with Easyjet from London Stansted to Copenhagen (wait for it…), although I did once fly with Ryanair from London Stansted to Malmo. This operation was suspended whilst I was there, although rumours have been flying around […]

Sweden, Lund – Daniel Hayward – 2006-2007

So you’re thinking about going to Sweden? Let the first thing I tell you in this report be, do it! During my time in Sweden I found it to be not only a beautiful country in terms of cities and landscape but also in terms of the people you’ll meet there. Sweden is stacked in […]

Sweden, Lund – Gustav Nelligan – 2005-2006

Travel Travelling to Lund is extremely easy. The best way to get there is to take a direct flight from London to Copenhagen ( Lund is only a 30min train ride from Copenhagen airport). Once you arrive at Copenhagen airport make your way to the train tracks and take a direct train to Lund . […]