Market Research Intern – Attomarker


What were your main duties and responsibilities during the course of your internship?

Researching the many types of blood-testing technologies in the medical and diagnostic industry; comparing cost, method of detection, availability and accuracy into reports.
Attending meetings with my boss, where we liaised with multiple individuals within the NHS and private healthcare sector; engaged with professionals looking to improve their current diagnostics position, save money and improve patient diagnosis from a point-of-care view.

What would you say was your biggest achievement over the course of your internship?

It has really helped me understand how basic science within a research lab can be applied in a private company from academia. I have learnt lots of business and financial techniques, which will help the way I view the industry and individuals making difficult decisions to respect and mould around a market to make their product work.

What benefits did your internship bring to your employer?

I hope that I provided valuable insight into the market which will be delved into; multiple market research reports revealed information that has avoided large costs from focus group studies and professional reports. A naïve and perhaps more basic view from a student could certainly have grounded the project and provided an alternative perspective and viewpoint, which alongside tenacity from myself I hope has provided some work worth having.