The summer school will take place between Sunday 26 to Friday 31 August 2018. The school’s main venue is the Living Systems Institute. All accommodation and catering will be provided nearby, on campus.


Sunday 26 August

15.00-18.00     Arrive and check-in, Lopes Hall

18.30               Registration, Evening meal and Icebreaker, Living Systems Institute


Monday 27 August

08:55-09:00 Welcome – Dr Claire Foullon, Exeter U.

09.00-10.30     Introduction to Plasma Physics (C1) – Dr David Tsiklauri, QMUL

11.00-12.30     Introduction to MHD: MHD equations (C2) – Prof. Philippa Browning, Manchester U.

12.30-14.00     Lunch

14.00-15.30     Solar Interior and Helioseismology (C3) – Prof. William Chaplin, Birmingham U.

16.00-17.30     High Performance Computing (S1) – Dr Joanne Mason, Exeter U.

20:00               Quiz Night, The City Gate Pub.


Tuesday 28 August

09.00-10.30     MHD Waves and Instabilities (C4) – Dr Erwin Verwichte, Warwick U.

11.00-12.30     Magnetic Reconnection (C5) – Prof. Gunnar Hornig, Dundee U.

12.30-14.00     Lunch

14.00-15.30     Space Weather Forecasting (S2) – Prof. David Jackson & Dr. Edmund Henley, Met Office

16.00-17.30     Practical on Public Engagement (S3) – Dr Gabby Provan, Leicester U.


Wednesday 29 August

09.00-10.30     Introduction to the Solar Atmosphere (C6) – Dr Andrew Hillier, Exeter U.

11.00-12.30     CMEs and the Solar Wind (C7) – Dr Huw Morgan, Aberystwyth U.

12.30-13.30     Lunch

13:30               Excursion


Thursday 30 August

09:00-10:30     The Magnetosphere (C8) – Dr Jonathan Eastwood, Imperial C.

11:00-12:30     The Ionosphere (C9) – Prof. Cathryn Mitchell, Bath U.

12.30-14.00     Lunch

14:00-15:30     The Mesosphere and Thermosphere (C10) – Dr Anasuya Aruliah, UCL

16:00-17:30     Solar Variability and Climate (C11) – Prof. Mike Lockwood, Reading U.

19.00               Gala Dinner, Reed Hall


Friday 31 August

09:00-10:30     Planetary Plasma Environments (C12) – Dr Caitriona Jackman, Southampton U.

11:00-12:30     Solar System Plasmas in a Wider Context: Planetary Systems, Exoplanets and Astrospheres (S4) – Dr Chris Arridge, Lancaster U.

12.30-14.00     Lunch

14:00               Close


Core Material (C) and Specialised (S) Topics