Research Explorations in the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site PhD Reflections on 'The Practices of Carnival: Community Culture and Place' (Jon Croose) and 'Stone Exposures: photography, landscape change and anticipatory adaptation in the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site' (Rose Ferraby)

Archive for December, 2011

From poachers to gamekeepers? The radical origins of UK carnival and processional arts and their movement into mainstream cultural policy.

12.12.2011 · Posted in Carnival

A piece of academic writing about the development of artist-led carnivals and processions since their re-invention as a feature of the radical 1960s alternative theatre movement. How have the performance vocabularies of this movement influenced the development of mainstream cultural policies which use street arts, processions, circus and spectacle as a strategy for public engagement? ...

The English Seaside Town as a setting for carnival:

12.12.2011 · Posted in Carnival, place

Weymouth  – 1/8/11: I arrive in Weymouth by car and decide to drive along the Esplanade. I am looking for the bar where I have arranged to meet members of the carnival committee. I have never been to Weymouth before. It is a sunny summer’s day, pleasantly warm and a little hazy. The first thing ...

Processions Advisory Group – before and after

12.08.2011 · Posted in Carnival

Before:  a barber’s shop in Dorchester. I have an hour or so to kill before the Dorset Processions Advisory Group meeting so I go for a haircut. The barber tells me she has lived in the area for 16 years.  She asks me what I am doing in town and I tell her I am ...

A Day at Teignmouth Carnival

12.06.2011 · Posted in Carnival

A Day at Teignmouth Carnival – July, 27 2011 It is carnival day in Teignmouth. In anticipation of the big parade, Tilly and I spend the morning fishing on the beach and talking to the lady at the cafe down by the lifeboat station. I ask her what she thinks about the carnival. ‘It’s a ...

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