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Mat Chivers Exhibition

05.19.2012 · Posted in Art Projects, Stone Exposures

Last night I popped over to the opening of Mat Chivers new exhibition at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery in Honiton. I’d never been to this gallery before, but it’s a real gem. Located in the old house and studio of Thelma Hulbert, it now has visiting exhibitions, cafe and a wonderful space for children’s art. Mat’s work looked beautiful in the clean, open spaces. There was a balance of stone sculptures, drawings and casts. I noticed that, like me, people kept wanting to reach out and touch the pieces; feel the surfaces and forms. It was lovely to see these pieces in the gallery space; to be able to look at the sculptures from all angles.

For details see:     or Mat’s website

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  1. great you could make it Rose. looking forward to seeing what Mat does for ExLab too!

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