Old Larkbeare House, 38 Holloway Street

Old Larkbeare House is a private residence on Holloway Street in Exeter that was once the home of a prominent local lawyer named John Hull (d. 1549). Hull (son of John Hull of Larkbeare) who received his legal education from Middle Temple, one of the ancient Inns of Court, was a member of parliament for the city of Exeter and acted as a justice of the peace for Devon from 1543 until his death. He played a large role in the dredging the Exe and other local engineering projects. He bought the Greyfriars in Bartholomew Street from another lawyer called Humphrey Colles at the time of the Dissolution.

Hull extensively remodelled Old Larkbeare House and parts of this renovation can still be seen by viewing it from the street. Some interesting carvings and a mantelpiece from the house were donated to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter, along with a wooden garderobe (toilet) seat that Mr Hull probably used quite regularly as his house was strategically located next to the Shitebrooke. Old Larkbeare house is also featured on Hogenbegh’s map of 1587 (below), where it is shown as being castellated. This is one of the earliest maps of any English town.

For more information on the house, see: http://demolition-exeter.blogspot.ca/2013/03/old-larkbeare-house-shitbrook.html and http://www.exetermemories.co.uk/em/_buildings/larkbeare_house.php

Items donated to the RAMM from Larkbeare House are featured on the Exeter Time Trail website: http://www.rammtimetrail.org.uk

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