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Library Lounge Collection: Library Staff Top Picks 1

Did you know that as well as supporting research we also have a lending collection geared towards leisure and recreational reading? This is located in the Forum Library Lounge area, just at the entrance to the Library on level 0. The Library Lounge provides a more relaxed learning space with comfortable sofas and vending machines, so it’s a great place to take a break or to meet your course mates for informal study.

Students in the Library Lounge

The Library Lounge Lending Collection contains a growing array of books you can borrow. Content is selected by the Library team with the aim of covering a broad selection of interests and abilities including graded readers to help international students improve their language skills, genre-fiction bestsellers, and some of the novels shortlisted for literary awards like the Booker or Orange prizes.

So please feel free to borrow books from this collection – they can be issued in the normal way using self-issue machines. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! Over the coming week Library staff will be sharing our top picks and recommendations from the Library Lounge collection on this blog – perhaps we will inspire you!

Shogun by James Clavell   

Chosen by Jim Green, Digital Library & Marketing Assistant

Set around the clash of civilisations as Europeans with their guns encounter Feudal Japan at its Bushido-wielding might. Clavell’s impeccable research and descriptive reading make this classic historical novel come to life. Revealed a lot about life, love and death in Japan at the time in the context of rival warlords determined to seek out any advantage they can in their quests to become Shogun. A great adventure with strong central characters and scene-setting on an epic scale.

Find it in the Library Lounge at classmark:  828.9/CLAV


 Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

Chosen by Hilary Norris, Information Assistant

A comic fantasy novel about Armageddon as predicted by the “Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes   Nutter. Witch”.   A funny and philosophical novel with a wide range of characters including angels, demons, Witchfinders, a scatterbrained satanic nun, the four horsemen of the apocalypse and Adam (the antichrist). I would recommend this novel because it makes me laugh every time I read it. If you enjoy this book you may like to try Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman or the Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett. These books are also in the Library lounge collection.

Find it in the Library Lounge at classmark: 828.9 /PRA



Manja: a novel about five children by Anna Gmeyner

Chosen by Caroline Gale, Library Liaison Manager

Set between the world wars in Germany, this tells the story of 5 children, from conception to early teens, focusing on their friendship and how this is ultimately changed forever by the differing political beliefs of their parents.

Anna Gmeyner was an Austrian exile, writing in London in 1938, so this story feels very authentic in its coverage of the rise of Nazism in Germany. The innocent friendships of the children make wonderful reading: it’s a satisfying book with a powerful message.

Find it in the Library Lounge at 828.9 /GME


 The Brief History of the Dead by Kevin Brockmeier

Chosen by Roxanne Crabb, Forum Library Supervisor

In this magical adventure novel people fall into three categories: the living, the long dead, and the people who are dead but still have living friends, families and former colleagues to keep their memory alive.  The City of the Dead is neither Heaven nor Hell, but it’s a place where souls can ‘live on’ at least until the last person to have known them passes over. The novel’s chapters alternate between the story of Laura Byrd struggling to survive in Antarctica and character-studies of those City inhabitants who once knew her. This book isn’t perfect but I could overlook the plot-holes because the polar survival parts (which riff on Apsley Cherry-Garrard’s real life classic, The Worst Journey in the World) are quite exciting and, above all, because the City of the Dead chapters are always tender, sometimes funny, and raise so many interesting questions about memory and the connections and experiences that make us who we are. Worth a read.

Find it in the Library Lounge at 818.6 BROC


Pure by Andrew Miller

Chosen by Imogen Ward-Smith, Information Assistant

Set in 18th Century Paris, the story describes a young engineer’s task of destroying a crumbling church and relocating its thousand years worth of buried human remains. The cemetery is full to overflowing and the decaying of corpses buried there taints the Paris air for streets around. The bones are buried in pits in the graveyard, layers upon layers deep and the excavation work must be done by a team of men, by hand.

It’s possibly a slightly distasteful subject – the description was so vivid I could taste the decay in the air – but told in such a beautiful and real way that I was gripped and could not put it down. This was a book that I kept sloping off to my armchair to “just read a bit more” then coming round three hours later having done nothing but read, but not minding one bit because it was worth it.

Find it in the Library Lounge at 823.92 MIL


Watch out for Parts 2 and 3 of our Library Lounge Top Picks coming later in the week…..


Expected noise disruption in the Forum Library Saturday 16th February

Advance notice of likely noise disruption in the Forum Library Saturday 16th February.

2013 is the Chinese Year of the Snake. Exeter University will be joining in the New Year Celebrations with events on campus on Saturday 16th February, including music and speeches in the Forum between 3pm and 6pm.

The  Forum Library will be open as normal throughout this time but we are expecting it to be noisier than usual during this event, so please keep this in mind when you are planning your study time for this coming weekend. Library staff will be on hand and happy to direct you to areas of the Library that are least affected by noise, or why not try one of our other great study spaces on campus instead?

Research Commons is open 10.00 – 18. 00 on Saturdays and Sundays and includes a large 64 seat  silent Reading Room on the entrance floor, plus individual study seats around the stock on levels -1 and -2 of the building.

A large quiet study room is also available in The Amory Study Centre open daily 8.00 – 21.30

These spaces should be the quietest locations during the Chinese New Year festivities.

For more information on Library study spaces why not check out our website?


Library Quality Survey – Prize Winner!

Athicha Siriboonlamom took part in the recent Library Quality Survey, and was very glad she did – she was selected in a random draw, and was the lucky winner of the iPad !

Aticha Siriboonlamom with her prize

Athicha, a postgraduate student in the Graduate School of Education and a frequent user of St Lukes library, was presented with her prize by Library Champions Sophie Hunter, Josephine Hornsey and Andrew Eckert.  Library Champions are a vital team of student volunteers who liaise with and promote the Library, as well as influencing Library purchasing in their subject area.

Aticha with Library Champions Sophie Hunter, Josephine Hornsey and Andrew Eckert.

In her own words, Athicha summed up how she felt about the Library:  “St Lukes Library saved my life, especially when I had to complete my assignments and I couldn’t work at home.   The Library staff are really friendly and helpful.”

The Library was very grateful to everyone who completed the survey, which offers us the chance to really appreciate what our customers want most from us.  We are now working hard to make improvements, based on what you told us.  A summary of the results is available here.

Congratulations, Athicha – we hope you enjoy your new iPad!

RFID Innovation Award – Winner Announced and It’s Us !

The University of Exeter are the winners of this year’s RFID in Libraries Innovation Award as chosen by the BIC/CILIP RFID in Libraries Group and Stephen Mossop, Head of Library Services, accepted the award on our behalf.

We have won it for our innovation in using RFID on our locker keys.   If you want to know more about our lockers then here is the link to more information.

If you want to know more about why we won the award here’s CILIP’s announcement.

Sanctuary Study Space

The Sanctuary study space is one of the new study areas available for students to use this academic year. It is open 8am to 8pm 7 days a week, except during exam periods and when special events are taking place.

Events being held this term in the Sanctuary are taking place on the following dates:

Careers Fair – Monday 22nd – Wednesday 24th Oct

This means that the Sanctuary will be unavailable as study space on these days – please see Library staff if you would like advice on where to find alternative places to study on these dates.


Forum Lockers and Laptops

Have you found the Forum Lockers yet? There are 2 banks of lockers on the upper Level of the Forum, “Northside” lockers (numbers 1-118) can be found opposite the Guild consultation rooms and “Southside” lockers (numbers 119-236) are located opposite Costa Coffee. The keys for these lockers can all be loaned through the Library. Here’s a guide to the 3 types of lockers available and how to use them.


All locker keys can be collected from Express Collections, the area to the left of the Forum Library reception desk. You’ll see all the locker keys hanging on the wall to the right as you enter the room.


First decide what type of locker suits your needs.

“I just want to leave my bag somewhere safe for a few hours”

The Personal Storage Locker (red key fob) is for you. These are empty lockers like you’d find in a gym where you can lock your belongings safely.

“I’m looking for somewhere to store and charge my laptop while I go to lunch”

Why not use a Laptop Charging Locker (purple key fob)? These are designed to hold laptops and each has a built in plug socket so you can charge your batteries at the same time.

“I don’t have a laptop with me, any chance I can borrow one?”

Yes absolutely, you need to borrow a Loan Device key (green key fob). Each of these keys unlocks a locker containing a slimline Netbook laptop that you can use for typing work or surfing the web via University Wi-Fi. Please note Netbooks will only run over the campus wireless network.  They will not work off-site, or via a wired connection.  If the connection is lost, the device will switch off so these are designed for on campus use only but you are welcome to take them anywhere on campus.




Have you decided which type of key you need? Now take it down from the wall and issue it on one of the self-service machines. Like other items from Express Collections, locker keys issue for 24 hours at a time, or over the weekend. Your receipt will tell you the time it is due for return or renewal. You can now go to either the Northside or Southside locker zone and unlock the number for which you have the key.


Please note

Lockers and laptops are free to use but, as these are popular resources and there are hourly fines if you don’t return or renew your keys on time. The good news is that providing your key hasn’t already gone overdue you can always renew it yourself online, so long as nobody else has placed a booking on it. To renew online either click the ‘patron record’ button on the Library catalogue or log-in to MyExeter and just click the ‘Library’ tab. Select Your Library Record > Items currently checked out. The Locker key will show on this list. Just check the box and select renew > yes. If the renewal is successful the new due date and time will be shown. If for any reason the renewal is unsuccessful contact Library staff for help.


When you have finished using your locker or Netbook:  make sure you have removed all your belongings or that the Netbook has been returned and plugged in so the batteries are charged for the next user. Then simply return your key on the machine in Express Collections (always make sure you get a check-in receipt) then hang it back on the wall.

The  locker keys and Netbooks are a new development for 2012 and we are proud to have them available for you. We hope you’ll find them a helpful resource. As always if you have any further questions or would like help borrowing a key just ask Library staff!


Advance Warning: Forum Library Lift Out of Action

The Forum Library lift is going to be out of action between 12pm on Monday 23 July and approximately 8am on Tuesday 24th July for routine maintenance.


This is so the flooring can be replaced. There is likely to be some unpleasant fumes from the adhesive hence the reason for closing the lift!


If you need assistance to access the Library or the resources please do not hesitate to ask library staff or give us a ring on 01392 263873 and we will gladly help.


Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this maintenance.

Ready Text moves to Forum Library

Forum_EntranceOn the 1st June 2012, the Ready Text Collection  which has been temporarily housed in the Law library in the Amory Building , will move to the Forum Library.  It will be available in the Express Collections area which is accessed from the main entrance, to the left of the Library Reception Desk. 

The Temporary Reserve Collections supporting Law and Arabic will also move into the Express collections area. 

 Books will be unavailable for a short period only as they transfer between libraries.  The move has been scheduled for after the examination period in order to minimise disruption.

Law Library Move

lawThe Lasok Law Library is moving to the new Forum Library during 29th May – 6th June 2012.  This move has been timed to coincide with the end of the Law examination period which means that law collections will remain available to law students in Amory for the duration of their exams.

The Law Library will remain open throughout the moves and can continue to be used as study space.  However, owing to the disruption of the collection moves, it is recommended that students or staff who require quiet or silent study or research space, use an alternative study space location, during this period.

Law materials will be unavailable for a short transit period only as it moves between libraries. Law staff and students will be able to borrow additional loan items and reference copies during the transfer period, if they need to secure continued access to a particular item during the move period.  Staff and students should speak with Law library staff in Amory in order to make these arrangements.

This represents a major change for users of the Law Library so if you have any questions about the move, please get in touch with , the Law Librarian, for more information or to arrange a tour of the new Lasok Law library.

A new website is being created to support law staff and students which will bring together information about the new physical Law Library arrangements, as well as the breadth of legal material that is available to users online.  A range of tours and training opportunities will also be scheduled for existing and new staff and studentsfor the new academic session.

 The vacated Law Library space in the Amory Building is being refurbished over the summer as part of a £1 million investment in the Amory Building which will include a new study centre on the ground floor, refurbished seminar rooms, an upgrade to the Parker Moot Room and new premises for the Law School.

Removal of security gates in Main Library

Work on the security gates in the Main Library basement will take place from 9am on Monday 23rd April and will be completed by Monday lunchtime.

This means that Library customers will need to use the exit to both enter and exit the building.

Anyone who needs to use the accessibility ramp should continue to do so. Please alert Library staff at the time and they will assist customers with access to the lift and the Library.

Bag checks will also begin at this time and continue until the new entrance from the Forum opens at 3pm on Wednesday 2nd May.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.