The Extra Mile on the One Planet MBA

By Ernesto Altahona
Full-time MBA student 2014/5


I started to live my dream the day I arrived to the classroom; I strongly wished to be here because I felt some time ago that there was a “glass ceiling” blocking my career development. Somehow the path was obstructed and I knew I was missing the tools for breaking it, in order to develop my full potential, and I expected the One Planet MBA would give me the instruments to do this. Knowledge is the main argument for undertaking a MBA; you know that the teachers will guide you through a variety of disciplines and areas, in which you know beforehand you lack strong pillars. I expected a demanding level of evaluation, and these expectations were fulfilled. Many nights without sleep to deliver presentations, slide decks and essays are now in my luggage.
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Launching the 2015/16 One Planet MBA Programme

Five years ago our ground breaking One Planet MBA programme at the University of Exeter Business School redefined the purpose of an MBA and the purpose of business education. Embedding the values of responsible management and the principles of Change. For Goodtransformative leadership, our One Planet MBA is specially designed for what we call, “professionals in transition” – individuals like yourself who have worked for a number of years and wish to take stock, reflect on their careers, find ways of leveraging their strengths and discover new opportunities while upgrading their skills and knowledge.

More than ever in 2015 does the One Planet MBA stand for personal transformations. And more than ever will we help you change. For good.

Change. For Good

Business is being challenged by global economic, social and environmental disruptors as never before. They are impacting, not only on business practices and strategies, but also on the role of business in our society. They are re-defining the role of the professional manager, and the expectations placed onto aspiring business leaders. Continue reading