The Global Challenges of our Times – Digital Connectivity


In a digital age people still matter and connecting well to those that you lead certainly matters

A post by Jacqueline Bagnall

Even with the computing power to analyse huge datasets and the big data world of companies such as IBM, there is still the need for the human sense maker. The human ability to ask questions and make sense of the results, spotting inconsistencies and better defining the question at the core of the analysis.  As automation takes hold and we see the diminished need for low skilled manual labour, this calls for a better understanding of how the human mind can add value to the organisation. What is it that creates the difference between competing organisations when the slick precision of a wholly automated function delivers product perfection?

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My One Planet MBA, by Matthew Dearlove

I am Matthew Dearlove, a full time MBA student at Exeter since September 2013 and here are some of my experiences and feelings about my time on the course so far.

Matthew (far right) and members of the organising team, One Planet Sustainability Challenge 2014

The course kicked off with the six core modules over the first term which concluded with a very busy January that was both rewarding and satisfying. The diverse backgrounds and varying experiences of my cohort have made the challenging learning process very interesting and enjoyable. After completing those core modules we began to integrate with the Executive MBA students on our remaining six modules, which again provided a fresh perspective and outlook on business, particularly within the context of sustainability. Continue reading

Introducing the 2014 Sustainability Challenge

Following the success of last year’s first ever sustainability challenge that saw 15 MBA teams from Europe, Mexico and Australia come to Exeter, develop and pitch innovative solutions for solving some of the world’s most pressing problems, our 2014 MBA students are now busy organising the second edition.

Last year’s challenge focused on water scarcity – arguably, a major issue that is already impacting on the lives of millions of people around the world. Our corporate partners are this year keen to focus their efforts on recycling and waste management. If you’re wondering why recycling is this year’s theme, it’s probably because you haven’t watched TRASHED, the award winning documentary feature film by Jeremy Irons… so go and watch it! Continue reading

Generating business insights at Google: Fuji, One Planet MBA 2014 Graduate

Fuji has just graduated from our One Planet MBA with a Distinction, prior to which she had studied for a Bachelor of Science in International Business from Germany. She is half-Colombian and half-Japanese and has spent most of her life in Brazil. However, she left the country at the age of 18 to work and study in Germany, Singapore, then last year joined our MBA at Exeter.

After graduating from us last January, Fuji will join Google’s headquarters in Germany as an Industry Analyst. Continue reading

Master of Business ACTION!

Who needs an MBA to become an “administrator”?

While the letter “A” has historically stood for “administration”, at Exeter we’ve redefined the meaning of the MBA, where “A” stands for Action. It is that ability to implement and manage change that makes our MBA students stand out. At Exeter, our One Planet MBA embeds action in all aspects of the programme. By the end of the programme, our MBA graduates go and contribute to running successful, profitable ventures while making an impact in the world we live in. Continue reading