Launching the MBA’s Business Insights 2020 Workshops for Business Professionals

The One Planet MBA is all about helping professionals and business leaders reinvent Business Insights 2020themselves and thrive in a world that is increasingly volatile, risky, complex, interconnected, resource-constrained and digital. And it is precisely for that reason that we have partnered with Devon and Cornwall Business Council, the South West’s premier business organisation to launch our forward looking and cutting edge series of Business Insights 2020 workshops specially targeted at business professionals threatened by disruption. Each workshop link with individual modules on the MBA programme, and act as an introduction to the topic.

The series kicked off on Wednesday evening and focused on the theme of business model creation.
Business practitioners and our MBA participants found out how business models were created, what their key components are and how to design a value proposition. Led by our MBA staff and corporate partners, participants heard from the experience of Mark Hodgson, MBA Alumnus, Founder and Managing Director of Co-cars, the South West’s car sharing scheme, and our MBA staff Adam Lusby, an authority in the world of the circular economy and Tony Cooke, One Planet MBA alumnus, entrepreneur and specialist of business model analysis.

Forthcoming workshops in the series will tackle the themes of big data, marketing in a digital world, opportunities in the digital economy, the circular economy and help both our MBA participants and business professionals in the South West acquire new skills and question their working practices and strategies. As always, those events are a great way for our MBA participants to create their networks, and we make sure they have ample time to discuss opportunities for themselves with fellow business professionals.

Find out more about our series of Business Insights 2020 events here


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