Choosing Elective Modules: A Student Perspective

By Catherine Crane
Full-time MBA student 2014/5

Please take a moment to picture this…you are near to the end of the first term of the One Planet MBA at Exeter Business School. The Christmas break is just in sight and yet, before you celebrate, you will need to make some important decisions regarding your elective subjects for the second term.

This was my first major quandary on the One Planet MBA; I have an insatiable appetite to acquire new knowledge and a desire to learn as much as possible. Here I was at a faculty presentation, all staff and students together to watch the academic staff pitching their subjects in order to compete for students. It reminded me of a “dance off”, a lot of humour was brought in to illustrate the necessity of choosing their elective.

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Interested in a Career Change? A Student’s Perspective of The One Planet MBA at Exeter

photo cat

By Catherine Crane
One Planet MBA Student 2014/5

So you want to be an MBA student? Interested in developing your career? Perhaps you are toying with the idea of a complete career change? Maybe you are dissatisfied with the level of knowledge you currently possess and want the chance to learn and develop new skills? Or possibly the title “One Planet MBA” – a Masters in Business Administration and Sustainability – is unique enough to have caught your attention? Continue reading