Getting Ready for Another Year!

Ever since its creation back in 2010 our One Planet MBA has always had that “cutting

Our new website... coming soon online near you!

Our new website… coming soon online near you!

edge” feel to it. Complete with a new visual identity and a strapline, our 2015/16 programme is yet again at the forefront of innovation: both our Full Time and Executive programmes benefit from curriculum enhancements through new modules, masterclasses, new corporate partnerships, more practitioners’ involvement and an integrated approach to the personal development of its participants.

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Meet our Alumni: Karen at Afren Plc

Karen came to the UK from Nigeria to study the MBA programme at Exeter, benefiting from the £34,000 scholarship from Afren Plc, an independent oil and natural gas

Alongside its core business operations, Afren Plc is committed to supporting the local host communities in Nigeria’s oil rich Niger Delta who may be impacted by its activities, and have in place a number of social investment initiatives that champion this support. Karen had experienced first-hand how the region was impoverished in spite of the oil wealth during her one year compulsory National Service Scheme, and so carrying out her MBA Consultancy Project to evaluate the initiatives Afren Plc had put in place to reduce the burden of poverty by empowering communities resonated with her.exploration and production corporation founded in 2004, operating primarily from Nigeria. The Afren scholarship is one of the many corporate-funded scholarships we offer every year on the One Planet MBA at Exeter.

Linked to the scholarship is an opportunity for a consultancy project scheduled in the summer months at thesponsoring organisation. Linking the scholarship to the consultancy project enables our corporate partners to experience first hand the quality of the students on the MBA, and in some cases recruit them after their studies. That’s what happened to Karen who joined Afren on completion of her MBA project. Continue reading

Introducing the 2014 Sustainability Challenge

Following the success of last year’s first ever sustainability challenge that saw 15 MBA teams from Europe, Mexico and Australia come to Exeter, develop and pitch innovative solutions for solving some of the world’s most pressing problems, our 2014 MBA students are now busy organising the second edition.

Last year’s challenge focused on water scarcity – arguably, a major issue that is already impacting on the lives of millions of people around the world. Our corporate partners are this year keen to focus their efforts on recycling and waste management. If you’re wondering why recycling is this year’s theme, it’s probably because you haven’t watched TRASHED, the award winning documentary feature film by Jeremy Irons… so go and watch it! Continue reading

Master of Business ACTION!

Who needs an MBA to become an “administrator”?

While the letter “A” has historically stood for “administration”, at Exeter we’ve redefined the meaning of the MBA, where “A” stands for Action. It is that ability to implement and manage change that makes our MBA students stand out. At Exeter, our One Planet MBA embeds action in all aspects of the programme. By the end of the programme, our MBA graduates go and contribute to running successful, profitable ventures while making an impact in the world we live in. Continue reading

Our award winning One Planet MBA

Welcome to our brand new blog..

I am Nicolas Forsans, programme director of our award-winning One Planet MBA at the University of Exeter Business School, a fast growing, internationally recognised and AMBA and EQUIS accredited business school located in the lovely city of Exeter in the South West of England. Through this blog we aim to give you a taste of what it is like to be an MBA student with us. Every week, myself and my MBA colleagues, our MBA students, alumni and corporate partners involved in the delivery of the programme will blog about their experiences. We hope you find this blog enjoyable. Continue reading