Thomson Reuters support One Planet MBA participants develop their reputation through thought leadership

The One Planet MBA programme is designed and shaped by our network of corporate partners who contribute to the planning and delivery of many modules and MBA activities. Thomson Reuters are sponsoring our MBA’s Personal Transformations module which

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equips our participants with the skills to advance their careers and explore new opportunities for themselves. As part of our partnership, Thomson Reuters supports the development of our MBA participants in their quest for reputation through thought leadership.

A promoter of the power of data in contributing to a more sustainable world, Thomson Reuters works with Executives and opinion leaders to disseminate their thoughts and analyses. Starting this month they will work with our MBA participants and help them disseminate their own thoughts and analyses on any aspect of sustainability. Thought leadership is a great way for our participants to make a name for themselves, enhance their reputation in their area of expertise – this can support a change of career, the development of valuable networks and gives them online visibility in what is a very crowded world. Developing as a thought leader is integral to leadership in business, and we are delighted to be working with Thomson Reuters to help our students develop as thought and opinion leaders.

You will be able to read their contributions on Thomson Reuters’s sustainability platform, and the best posts will be published here too.

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