What are the benefits of mindfulness?

YOUR Wellbeing and Health status: Mindfulness…


  • Can lower anxiety, depression, worry, stress and negative affect[2]

  • Increase hope of achieving goals, overall well-being, positive emotions and life satisfaction, social connectedness [3]

  • Improves sleep quality[4]

  • Dampens stress reactions[5]

  • Improves attention, memory, self and emotion regulation[6]

  • Increases positive judgements and reduces negativity bias[7]

  • Improves perceptions of stress and pain[8]


YOUR Functioning and Performance: Mindfulness…

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  • Improves three qualities of attention: stability, control and efficiency[9]

  • Helps overcome habitual behaviours such as addiction[10]

  • Contributes to better job performance[11]

  • Is associated to empathy[12]

  • As a leader’s trait is positively associated with employees’ work-life balance, job satisfaction, citizenship behaviours, and job performance and negatively related to employee exhaustion and deviance[13]

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In the Harvard Business Review, Harvard Professor Ellen Langer [14] points out that mindfulness leads to

  • Increased charisma, productivity, creativity, memory, attention, positive affect, health and even longevity

  • Decreased burnout and accidents

Leaders as well as change agents are catalysts for change. A mindful way of leading change asks for mindful leaders. Who is a mindful leader? Presentationllll1Find out more.

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