Monthly Archives: February 2021

Welcome to ReaSoN

Researchers and Students on Neurodiversity (ReaSoN) is being established in 2021 as on of several “special interest research groups” funded by Emerging Minds, a research network focussing on supporting young people’s mental health.

The aim is to establish a national network in the UK of people who are neurodiverse, have a neurodevelopmental diagnosis like Autism or ADHD, and charities and academics (researchers, teachers and scientists) who are interested in neurodiversity and neurodevelopment.

We will be using this blog website to provide updates as the network is established. We will also add links to resources and other networks that you might be interested in as well. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by email at . If you’d prefer to talk directly to one of us just let us know how to get hold of you in a short email.