June 2009
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Reflections: induction session one

In May the learning technologists had three induction sessions. We’ve been busy getting to grips with the project and so there’s not been much time to reflect on them, but here finally is an overview of what was discussed.

Managing the material

We will need to investigate the contractual status of the authors (academics), and establish where (and what the difference is) between work that was ‘given’ to the University and that which was ‘gifted’.

We will not be releasing details of old assessments, but we will release details of optional assignments, tasks and exercises.

Content creation

We will be using file formats as specified by JISC: XHTML ensuring that deprecated tags are removed and all webpages are using CSS. In terms of accessibility we will be using Priority 2 / AA according to WC3.

The material will be made into an IMS content package (a type of zip file) using Reload

The IMS, which will also contain the metadata, will be uploaded to Open Jorum, and also to Open Exeter which will be running (through Moodle) from next July.

We may use Compendium LD, a multi-user mind-mapping tool, to map out the process of the website. Compendium LD works with Cloudworks.


Every file and every web page will need a copyright licence. The legal team will establish what sort of licence but it will probably be some form of Creative Commons. We cannot use quotes or readings from other texts and so these will all be removed, but we can link to those texts (or images where necessary) on other websites.

Changes to Future Curriculum Development

Academics will need training on copyright documentation.

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