July 2009
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Images and IPR

One afternoon last week, when it was (yet again) raining, one of my flow charts hit the murky waters of images and IPR. Neither of us have been the same since. As I’m sure many have noted, Images and IPR means looking at: Who created the image Where the image was created (from inside or outside a building for photos, to where-in-the-world) […]

ET Collective #06

The team gathered again today to update each other on developments over the past week. Richard has been busy speaking with the tutor of the Jesus, Paul and the Early Church module, regarding the use of audio lectures that are contained within the units. He also met with Alison Wride of the Business School who […]

Twitter #openexeter

In an attempt to increase the amount of discussion on the blog, it’s now possible to contribute via twitter. Simply write a new tweet using your own twitter account and include the word #openexeter somewhere in the text. Hey presto, it will appear in the ‘Tweets’ section in the bottom left of the Open Exeter blog […]

ET Collective #5

As reported in a previous blog we now have the licence-in document ready for use. We have also added a page to our website to give a more inward-looking description of the OER project, detailing exactly why people should sign up. You can read our sales pitch here and comments are welcome. Regarding getting more […]

Licence-in document

We need to handle IPR coming in as well as going out so we reasoned that we need two distinct licences! Licence-indefines the terms under which a contributor gives us material. Licence-out is in effect the Creative Commons process of defining permissions on usage. Our Licence-In document is now available from:   It has been […]

ET collective #04

Today’s meeting was a way of catching up on each other’s recent priorities. A list of IPR questions raised has been produced which will be an ongoing document charting IPR issues as they crop up, and the solution offered through the various due diligence hoops we have set up, culminating in ‘sign-off’ by our legal […]

Internal Progress Report

If anyone would like to read our 1st formal Report, which was written for the 1st meeting of our internal Steering Group, then please go to:

First batch of content

A couple of weeks ago, I emailed out some material from a course included in our OER programme to the author, along with some guidelines as to what to check for when reading through ( Then last week, I received my first batch of marked up content. The author had dutifully marked which photos he […]

ET collective #03: harlots, tombs and economics

It looks as though we may be adding two literature courses to Open Exeter: one on selected works of Shakespeare, and the other an Eighteenth Century Literature course subtitled ‘Slaves, Rakes and Harlots’.  Both courses raise new questions, the first about finding a suitable source to quote Shakespeare from, and the second about whether some kind of […]