July 2009
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ET Collective #5

As reported in a previous blog we now have the licence-in document ready for use. We have also added a page to our website to give a more inward-looking description of the OER project, detailing exactly why people should sign up. You can read our sales pitch here and comments are welcome.

Regarding getting more participation over and above that which was part of our bid, we have identified a time-bound opportunity which fits neatly into our project timetable. The University is changing its VLE from WebCT to Moodle. From October, we are employing a number of graduate assistants, who will be allocated to particular Schools to work closely alongside the academics in moving their material across. We plan to use this opportunity to raise the profile of OER directly with academics, and hopefully make contacts in places where the usual process of formal cascading of invitations and information has yet to penetrate.

Anna has been working on a series of flowcharts using Compendium (an interactive whiteboard) showing the processes to be followed on receiving material, taking into account all aspects of IPR. This is a ‘work in progress’ but will be a very useful tool. (Screen shot of small section of flow chart)

Richard is involved in ongoing thorough mark up of modules and it is anticipated that this will continue to take a large portion of his time up until a point where coursework is licensed as part of the curriculum.

We are looking for sources to confirm deaths because of the copyright laws surrounding the work of those who died less than 70 years ago. If anybody knows of any we’d be interested to hear. We have yet to establish a relationship with JISC Legal team so we plan to ask them to see if we can get to the bottom of these copyright expiry issues.

This project is taking place within Education Enhancement, which is part of our Academic Services (AS). Our AS website is undergoing a major overhaul of both style and substance , with it now being embedded within a Content Management System (CMS). Olivia has ‘been on the course’ to learn about our CMS. This new approach raises lots of questions regarding how and where our project should be placed on our AS website. There are lots of corporate issues as well as educational ones that have to be considered.

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