July 2009
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ET Collective #06

The team gathered again today to update each other on developments over the past week.

Richard has been busy speaking with the tutor of the Jesus, Paul and the Early Church module, regarding the use of audio lectures that are contained within the units. He also met with Alison Wride of the Business School who is happy to start to recording her lectures with the Echo 360 system. These recordings will then form outputs as part of the project. The next hurdle is to ensure all lectures take place with the relevant resources available in the room to record them.

Anna has been continuing with her flowcharts following the processes needed to adhere to IPR legalities which have thrown up several interesting questions. Her next step is to test the flowcharts by using concrete examples.

We are looking at ways of setting up an internal blog with access limited to certain members of staff only so that academics can speak honestly about their experiences and opinions of what we are doing.

Ian looked into using Elgg, an education biased social networking tool, but found that the current version run by the Graduate School of Education also accepts external users. After further discussion with the team, Ian, with Matt’s help, will attempt to set up a new WordPress blog which will accept posts from only those exeter university users involved in the project.

The Licence-In document has started to be circulated amongst academics.

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