September 2009
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ET Collective – Risks, Rights and Reflections

Now everyone’s back it seems a good time to take stock of where we are to date. Units continue to come through albeit at a reduced rate as the academics busily head into the new term. As we get into the nitty gritty of the project, more and more IPR/copyright issues rear their heads. We […]

New Website Address

We have a shiny new website and the new link is:- The content is the same but a lot has changed in the background and the layout has been updated.


I’d be interested to hear how others are handling the issue of quotations because there doesn’t seem to be a standard model for handling them. Are other OER projects: Finding that an existing licence (for their use within a VLE) covers their use within an OER repository (an example of where this is the case would […]

ET reduced collective

The bosses are away and while Tom suns himself (!) in Cornwall and Matt indulges in a week of DIY, work on the OER project continues. Following the Jorum webinar we all feel more enlightened and are looking forward to putting the processes into practice. Rich has had some units back and is starting to […]

OERs and their Rights

On Thursday I attended the BUFVC’s course ‘Copyright Clearance for Print, Broadcast and Multimedia Production’. It was led by Alma Hales and Bernadette Atwell of the Open University’s Rights Department. This department has over 25 years experience in obtaining rights and this was evident in the content of the course which I would certainly recommend. […]

Jorum Webinar reflections

Just thought I’d just quickly post a few reflections on the Webinar that took place this p.m. on Jorum. I’m on holiday from tomorrow and for all of next week so if I don’t do it now, the moment will pass. It is our ‘summer’ holiday. Devon has moved seamlessly from Spring to Autumn without […]

Metadata meeting

A meeting on Metadata was held today between the main project team and Ahmed Abu-Zayed, the university’s metadata specialist. Ahmed has done a fantastic amount of work on this and his time spent on OpenExeter is of the highest value. The meeting was very worthwhile since it refreshed our minds on the metadata strategy and brought […]

ET Collective #12: Comings and Goings

This week from the 7th floor… Rich and Ian have been working with academics on various pieces of course material, with Rich looking at linking to online ‘gospel parallels’ (free online resources) from some of the theology courses. I have been discussing ‘referencing’ with Jisc Legal (more on this in the next entry), arranging my trip to BUFVC’s […]

ET Collective #11

The team got together yesterday to meet with Jess Gardner, who is acting up as Head of Collections & Research Support, Academic Services. Jess has joined the Steering Group in place of her predecessor and wanted to learn more about the OER project. Her colleague, Lee Snook, Collections & Research Support, also came along. As […]