September 2009
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Metadata meeting

A meeting on Metadata was held today between the main project team and Ahmed Abu-Zayed, the university’s metadata specialist. Ahmed has done a fantastic amount of work on this and his time spent on OpenExeter is of the highest value.

The meeting was very worthwhile since it refreshed our minds on the metadata strategy and brought up some useful revisions and additions to this part of the project. Our agreed metadata approach is to map our metadata into Dublin Core for our DSpace repository and into LOM so to effectively future proof the learning content by allowing portability to other applications such as Intrallect. Some extra points raised were:

  • A handle URL will now be used to preserve the link to our repository in case it should change at some later date.
  • A folksonomy element will be added to the metadata to allow users to add there own tags to markup the data in case they don’t agree with ours.
  • Some extra elements such as Module Code and Credit Value will be added (but only to Dublin Core since these are not available in LOM).

We also had a prolonged discussion on the decision to either release each module as a single piece of learning content or seperate them up into units (each module is made up of a number of lecture type units). If we chose the latter then this would enable us to be more specific in our metadata descriptions and so users would find it easier to search and find relevant material. To do this though, an extra ‘relationship’ field will need to be added to the metadata to tie units of the same module together, and the module itself will need its own metadata record to describe it, although this record would not be tied to a physical piece of content.

Once the metadata schema has been finalised, it will be on it’s way to the DSpace team to provide a form which we will complete when adding content to the repository.

For a spreadsheet of the metadata mapping from Dublin Core to LOM, please see Work Package 7 on our website.

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