September 2009
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ET reduced collective

The bosses are away and while Tom suns himself (!) in Cornwall and Matt indulges in a week of DIY, work on the OER project continues.

Following the Jorum webinar we all feel more enlightened and are looking forward to putting the processes into practice.

Rich has had some units back and is starting to work through them. Ian has been gathering material returned from the tutors and he has also identified another course (Climatic and Oceanic Influences in Human Ecology) which is 20 credits.

As Anna mentioned she attended ‘Copyright Clearance for Print, Broadcast and Multimedia Production’ and she would be very interested to hear your comments on her questions.

We have moved into our nice new office and here’s a little picture of the ET boys at ther new desks!

Ian & Rich hard at work ;)

Ian & Rich hard at work 😉

2 comments to ET reduced collective

  • Nice pic but who owns the copyright?

  • Wellllllll…

    Unless you have a contract similar to our academics (that stipulates that the University waives its rights to ownership) then the University owns the copyright.

    However you *could* argue that you are not specifically employed in the role of photographer, in which case you would own the copyright…

    …but you’d need model releases for both subjects to make a fortune from it 😉

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