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I’d be interested to hear how others are handling the issue of quotations because there doesn’t seem to be a standard model for handling them. Are other OER projects:

  • Finding that an existing licence (for their use within a VLE) covers their use within an OER repository (an example of where this is the case would be helpful)?
  • Finding that an existing licence  does not cover their use within an OER and either
    • Licensing them for use within the OER repository/ies – and if so, are you finding this involves payment?
    • Removing quotations altogether
  • Using quotes without licensing them, but under the defence of insubstantial use. If this is the case, what guidelines are you using on what does and does not count as quantitatively insubstantial (following a qualitative judgment which would obviously be subjective).
  • Using quotes without licensing them under some other defence?
  • If you are using quotes without licensing them but under a defence as described above, do you keep a record of this  (what is used, and why, and under which defence)?

For the record, at the moment Exeter is going down the ‘do not quote’ route – but needless to say this is causing problems and I would like to find a way around it if I can.

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  • Heather Williamson

    I would suggest having a chat with the Otter team – from a presentation from a recent event that they held for staff it would suggest that this is something they have been looking at too – see their presentation.

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