December 2009
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Taking Stock

As we move towards the Christmas break we have started to take stock of how we have been progressing. We currently have close to 150 credits of material cleared of copyright issues, out of a pool of around 500 we have acquired so far.

There are two main issues that dominate our thoughts at present: the demanding approach the University is taking on the copyright clearance process, and the sometimes frustratingly slow drip-feed of material being returned to us from academic staff.

We are taking a very  cautious approach to IPR considerations in order to minimise the possibility of any infringements.   Necessarily, this impacts negatively on the speed and on occasions the ability to release material for our repository.     The upside is that we have a very full story to tell and we will be presenting some of it at the OER10 conference in Cambridge next March.

The other main issue we are experiencing is the high demand on people’s time, in particular the academic staff that have been kind enough to contribute some of their material to the project. Pressures such as teaching and research commitments can often mean that OER gets pushed to the back of their ‘to do’ list, which can make managing our own workloads a little challenging at times!  This very human dimension of developing OER, particularly within a tight timeframe will also be presented in our paper at OER10

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