February 2010
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Weekly Update

We are progressing towards our 360 credit target, with over 280 credits worth of material processed so far, and the remaining 80 credits in the pipeline.

Among the issues that we are discussing at present is the question of how we can tailor our resources to best meet the needs of our target audience(s).

Tom attended a workshop at the University of Nottingham on Friday to give a presentation on IPR.

2 comments to Weekly Update

  • Well done!

    Presumably these 280 credits are in Open Exeter….but are they in JorumOPEN also?

    Do you have any thoughts you can share about how you have, or are going to upload material to JorumOPEN?

    Will you be uploading the materials twice….or will you be putting just the metadata with links to Open Exeter? If so, how do you plan to transfer the data to JorumOPEN?

    C-change will have some of our material on Open Exeter and we need to work out the most effective way of migrating the data and links to JorumOPEN.

    Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

    just trying to get our heads around this ourselves.



  • Ed,

    After many discussions with JISC, we will be ‘linking’ from OJ back to Open Exeter. It goes against all database principles to deposit twice. And our various value-added wrap-arounds will only be available with Open Exeter. Our ideal model is harvesting, but currently, they have not yet implemented the standard whereby they can harvest our ‘rich matadata’. Pity.

    Our thoughts on sharing relate mostly to joing various international consortia. But ‘google’ may be sufficient!

    Your thoughts re depositing in Open Exeter are very welcome – but somewhat out of the blue. I had always hoped that GEES and Exeter would work much more closely together, esp. given our common ground of materials from Geography and had promoted several conversations along those lines when we were both tendering. We are currently all hands (and more) fully occupied in meeting our deliverables targets but it would be great to talk through the details when we reach calmer waters. (I need to hastily confirm, to any scrutinising eye that there is NO overlap of materials in the 2 projects!).

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