February 2010
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Weekly Update

Now that we have reached mid February the credit totals are our main priority, we are now getting very close to our 360 credit target. Because we are confident about reaching are target we have been spending some extra time making sure we maximise the content we have for the modules we are currently working on.

We have had more positive news this week. To our surprise some academics that had finished working on the project some time ago have got back in touch, stating they would like to contribute more materials. I believe that this shows how important it is to give academics the right incentives to contribute to the project. Not only is it likely they will give more contributions but they may also spread the word to colleagues which will eventually increase the sustainability of OER.

We have also been spending some time uploading some test materials to our repository and have so far been impressed with its accessibility.

Sue Rodway Dyer has been busy interviewing many of the contributors to the project.  The aim of the interviews is to find out their views on OER in general. So far the feedback has been very mixed and should provide some interesting reading in the final evaluation.

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