April 2010
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Regular visitors to this blog will be aware that our project, like all the other JISC/HEA projects, will finish at the end of this April.   I’m busily writing our Final Report, which must be submitted by 26th April.

I’ve often said that we have had two projects, one to deliver the ‘hard’ deliverables, (e.g. the 360 credit equivalents of material and an institutional repository) and a story.   In the narrow sense of measuring the success of the project, I’m confident that we have fulfilled our obligations on both counts.

But tantalisingly, any real measure of ‘success’ will come after the project ends.   Will Open Exeter really become part of the embedded fabric of the University?  Will learning and teaching practices really respond in kind?   Will fresh waves of international students be knocking at our door, having been suitably impressed by our stunning materials?

Today, our Vice Chancellors Executive Group (you can go no higher …) will be considering a paper some of us have written entitled ‘Open Educational Resources: the way forward for Exeter’   and within which we have made some costed proposals.    If approved, I will make this paper available on our website.

If you have any positive vibes to spare, please direct then to the southwest.   Do not try to send by air travel.

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