July 2020
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First batch of content

A couple of weeks ago, I emailed out some material from a course included in our OER programme to the author, along with some guidelines as to what to check for when reading through ( Then last week, I received my first batch of marked up content. The author had dutifully marked which photos he […]

ET collective #03: harlots, tombs and economics

It looks as though we may be adding two literature courses to Open Exeter: one on selected works of Shakespeare, and the other an Eighteenth Century Literature course subtitled ‘Slaves, Rakes and Harlots’.  Both courses raise new questions, the first about finding a suitable source to quote Shakespeare from, and the second about whether some kind of […]

Reflections: induction session two

In the second session we looked at the working process of creating the material, the metadata and the local repository. The process Materials will be licensed-in to the University from the academic. The material will be printed and given to the academic, with a guidance sheet, for them to mark-up in terms of authorship. Once […]

Reflections: induction session one

In May the learning technologists had three induction sessions. We’ve been busy getting to grips with the project and so there’s not been much time to reflect on them, but here finally is an overview of what was discussed. Managing the material We will need to investigate the contractual status of the authors (academics), and establish where (and […]

ET collective #02: specialist subjects

This week we’ve added a grand total of nineteen new bloggers, so hopefully we will see a range of interesting posts from contributers around the University. Rich has begun to work on some material on Cornish History, Ian is continuing to work on Geology and Prehistory and we’ve also been looking into the use of […]

ET collective #01: first steps

Every week we (the educational technologists as a collective trio) will be adding an update on the way the project is going… Ian and Rich have been working on the material from different angles – Ian by developing some instructions for the academics and making them readily accessible via Google docs, and by beginning the process […]